Seriously, Blizzard?!

I hate the new lockout system for mythic and heroic raiding. And by hate, I mean, I wish I could take these lockout requirements, figure out which Blizzard developer dreamed them up, and shove them up his/her ass!

What made them think that locking your lockout to the specific group you walked into the raid with was a good idea? What if, for instance, you pug into a fail group on Iron Juggernaut, can’t kill him after fifteen wipes, and have to walk away? Now, because you simply entered the instance with these numbskulls, you’re stuck with this lockout until reset. The only way to progress would be to find 20 different players who haven’t entered the raid on mythic and hope that it works with them. If it doesn’t, they’re screwed as well, because now they have that same fail lockout as you do, and have to either find 20 new players themselves, reform with your fail group, or wait until reset to go back and try again.

Saturday night, I pugged into a heroic group that was on the Paragons. It took two tries, but we downed them. It didn’t seem particularly bad, since it was a pug group, after all! When we got to Garrosh, we wiped, and wiped again. We rezzed the second time, and had just started the fight when all of us got booted out to the character select screen. We got back in with a collective “WTF was that?!” only to discover that it wanted us to kill ALL of the bosses for the final wing again. It was as if it hadn’t saved any of the progress for this group for that wing at all. We were back at the beginning again.

Blizzard needs to fix everything they’ve broken with this new patch, and they only have one month to do it in, and knowing the pace they work at, I’m not very confident it will get rectified before Draenor opens and we’re faced with a whole new set of issues. I’m just a little upset. These lockouts are making it extremely difficult to run Siege of Orgrimmar as a pug.

On top of that, apparently the developers decided that for priests, the auto-drop BoA weapon from Garrosh should be the freakin’ Warmace. More specifically, a one-handed freakin’ warmace that most priests can’t use because we don’t have an off-hand to complement it. I was not aware this would be the auto-drop for my priests, so I took my “baby” Shadow Priest into a guild Garrosh kill, expecting to get the BoA staff. I was more than ticked to get a second Warmace. Now, I need to wait until next week to run with them on my warlock for the staff. If I had known, to start with, that priests don’t receive the staff, I’d have walked in there with my warlock instead. So, screw you Blizzard, with your retarded one-handed stupid mace!

Sorry… I just needed to vent a little.


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