A Change in the Air

I decided to try my hand at the Alliance. I haven’t played Alliance since my early days in World of Warcraft, and I figured, since most of the races have gotten a facelift, and they don’t look quite so ugly anymore, I’d roll a couple and see if I could max them out.

After asking around, I decided to make a Dwarf Warlock, because they apparently have a really good critical strike racial, and anything that gives you a leg up on the competition, I’ll take! You know I like slutty, so I went Draenei for my Shadow Priest. I’m thinking about also rolling a mage, but since I know next to nothing about that class, I wanted to go strong with the classes I knew and understood first, since that would make it easier to level. I’m also not sure I’m quite ready to take on learning an entirely new class again.

So, I now have a couple of Alliance characters. I’m not set on them, though. I’m considering wiping them out and changing servers, because I’m trying to find a good Alliance-dominated Pacific time zone server to go with, but being unfamiliar with the Alliance quest lines, leveling them a bit can’t hurt that much.

I’ll probably still play heavily Horde. My heart will always be Horde. That’s not to say I won’t love my Alliance toons, but Horde will always hold that special place for me.


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