Hellscream’s War Staff!

Guess who finally got her legendary heroic BoA staff from Garrosh? ME! I’d have gotten it sooner if I’d realized that Garrosh only drops War Maces for priests, but, alas, I didn’t think the devs were that idiotic, so I had taken both of my priests through, only to come out with 2 War Maces and an extreme fit of anger.

Hellscream's War Staff

So, there’s my nice, shiny BoA in all its glory! I was tickled as hell to get it! I just wish I had a couple, because bouncing that around, between all of my ranged characters is going to be kind of expensive, with all of the re-gemming I’ll have to do. But, then again, I could just leave the gems the way they are. Haste/mastery gems aren’t really that bad of an idea for a priest! It’s not like I gemmed agility onto that staff, and since I’ll only be using it to level, once I get to 100, I will most likely replace it with something a lot better.


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