Level 100

I finally have my second priest to level 100. I sat down yesterday and decided I wasn’t going to stop until I’d reached level 100 on her, and I did just that.

After leveling a few characters, it get’s insanely easy to level subsequent toons. I’ve noticed this over the last few expansions. The first toon is always the hardest to level, because you don’t have any idea what is where or, as in this expack’s case, which choice is the right one (for the garrison outposts,) but by the time you’ve made it to your 3rd or 4th toon, you have a pretty good idea what you’d like to do, which quest lines you want to follow to completion and which ones you don’t, what zone you’d like to spend most of your time questing in, etc.

Now that my baby priest is level 100, I just need to make some more gold so I can upgrade all of the buildings in her garrison. I want to get her tailoring emporium to level 3, since she’s not a tailor, so I can craft a piece of 640 gear. I’ve got the cloth, I just need the ability to craft it. I’d also like to upgrade my bank building to level 3 so I can unlock the extra work orders it gives me.  Then, I’m going to level up my barn so I can start pumping out the Savage Bloods and Sumptuous Furs on that toon, as well.

When I leveled my first toon, I didn’t have any of this figured out!

I’ve been casually raiding Highmaul with friends and their guilds, and I’d like to take this opportunity to cry about how much Blizzard has screwed over my Shadow Priests. I gave CoP an honest try, and to tell you the truth, it sucks so hard.

Granted, there are players out there who are probably loving CoP and think it is the best thing since peanut butter, but I like the “normal” play style of SPriests, and CoP just turns it all on its head. I ran one raid night as CoP before changing to Auspicious Spirits, and I’m never going back to CoP.

I can do better DPS in AS that CoP simply because I don’t keep getting lost in the big, convoluted rotation that CoP requires. I’m so used to applying and refreshing my DoTs, and with CoP and the mandatory Mind Spikes instead of Mind Flays, I kept finding myself applying DoTs and then immediately removing them with my very next spell. Not only did it just waste my time and DPS, but it pissed me off, because I kept doing that. So, I’m specced for AS and am quite happy with it, now.



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