The Raiding Life

This past Saturday, I managed to miss the raid I really wanted to go to by a few hours because of time zone differences. I hate this! I was looking forward to this raid, and when I logged in and saw that the group was already in Highmaul, I realized I had missed it and wasn’t going to make it.

I thoroughly enjoy raiding cross-realm with my friend and his guild. He’s one of the guys who was a part of the cross-realm raid group I was a part of at the end of MoP, before I took my couple-month-long break, and he’s the type of person who can raid lead and yet make the experience drama and tension free while still managing to push the group and get things accomplished. This is the sort of atmosphere I look for in a raid group. It’s the sort of atmosphere I thrive and do my best in.

I’ve found that I just plain suck in harder-core groups. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of their members are elitists and unwilling to let me bash my head against a mechanic until I get it, or maybe it’s that when I raid with them, I’m scared to admit I don’t understand something for fear of being judged as “that” chick that “should stick to LFR and leave raiding to the men.” I’ve had so many bad experiences in raid groups that, while I’m eager to raid every week, it is hard for me to find a solid group that I click well with and that clicks with me.

I know that I know my class. I’ve had people tell me I don’t. But, if I can take someone who paid $60 for a boosted toon and finished the leveling off and knows absolutely¬†nothing about Shadow Priests and sit down with them for 30 minutes, and they can do DPS that is comparable to mine, which ISN’T shitty, then I know I know what I’m doing. It’s not so much that I don’t know my class as this new CoP talent, which seemed almost mandatory for raiding, is such a change from everything I know and understand about Shadow Priests, that I just can’t pump out the numbers with it that I could with Auspicious Spirits.

A couple of Sundays ago, I had popped online, and everyone in my guild was discussing different sites to help each other out with their classes and gear, and I, like any good player, asked if anyone needed help with Shadow Priests. The raid leader whispered me, after I said that in guild chat, and let me know that there was another priest in guild who had only pulled 6k DPS in their latest raid run, even though his gear was ilvl 646, and he wanted me to talk to him. So, I got ahold of this priest in question, told him to ditch CoP, because I didn’t even need to ask if that is what he was doing, and stack the living shit out of crit on all of his gear, gems, and enchants. Then, we ran a couple LFRs, and his numbers almost magically came up to 15k, where mine were. Now, some elitists out there are going to harp that 15k isn’t great, but trust me, for an Spriest running AS at ilvl 646, 15k is about average. If you can get all of your DoT clips perfect, which I can’t, and everything else timed right, yes, it will be more, but for someone who is looking to pull their weight, not earn a spot in Method, 15k at this item level is awesome.

This is a main reason I left the original guild I joined when I transferred servers. I got tired of doing my daily stuff and reading in guild chat where people were ragging on others in LFR for “shitty DPS” or heals. I got tired of trying to approach someone about an issue I was having, and have them say, “Sounds like a personal problem.” I got tired of feeling like people thought I was shit when I knew I wasn’t. I got tired of getting so stressed out during raids that I’d have a panic attack and start doing everything wrong, missing important mechanics, and standing in stupid. I can’t play like that. I can’t raid with people I feel are judging me too harshly. It pisses me off.

So, I’m 6/7 N in Highmaul and considering pugging into a Heroic run or two to see if I can clear at least the first two bosses. I know that they’re easy as shit, so it shouldn’t be a big problem, if I find the right group to get into.


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