About Me

I started playing MMO’s in 2007, with World of Warcraft being my introduction to all things video-game related. I got a 14-day trial pass after watching some of my husband’s friends show him how awesome it was, and I got hooked instantly. The games I’ve played and enjoyed are World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and WildStar.

World of Warcraft will always be my special game. I’ve played others, and I’ve taken breaks from WoW, but I always end up sucked back into Azeroth. I guess you could call me an addict. I’ve seen scientific articles talk about how video games feed the same area in your brain responsible for drug addictions, and I believe it. I’m hooked. I think about what it would be like in the future to not have World of Warcraft to get lost in, and a large part of me just wants to cry!

I love gaming. I started out as a casual player, and it took me years to learn the game well enough to progress to end-content. I’m by no means an elitist. In fact, I can’t stand elitists. If and when I make a mistake, I want to be shown my errors, not made into a laughing-stock. This is why I enjoy helping people. I know that I can’t be the only person that everything doesn’t just click for.

Not only am I a gamer, but so is my husband. He, however, prefers first person and single-player games over MMOs, for the most part. He did play World of Warcraft for quite a while, and he’s the main reason I understand the game and am where I am today. Without his help, I’d be a lonely little Blood Elf still trying to grind out levels and figure out professions.

I’m a very social gamer. I like participating in group activities, such as raiding the other faction’s cities, running dungeons with my guild or my friends, picking up old achievements while enjoying the company of others, blitzing PVP with my pocket healer, or running current-content raids. Anything that I can do with someone else makes me a happy little Panda! This is the main reason I don’t particularly enjoy questing. Either I’m too slow for a partner or everyone is busy, but it usually ends up being little ole lonely me running quests by myself.

Besides World of Warcraft, I’ve also played a lot of League of Legends. I haven’t played this in a while, but at one time it was my replacement gaming addiction. I loved my OP AP Master Yi! I could clean a lane and clear a base late-game like no other, and I was virtually unstoppable! I’ve been told they’ve nerfed my AP build since the last time I played, and this saddens me.

I also enjoy playing Hearthstone. I think I’m starting to get it figured out, and was just told how to access Naxxramas this past weekend, which means I didn’t get it for free, and now have to save up my 700 gold to open it. Sad panda eyes! I quite enjoy playing this game, because a lot of things in it are familiar to me. I’m not sure I’d have picked up on it quite so easily if it were plain old Magic the Gathering or another similar trading card game.

Another Blizzard game I really love playing is Diablo III. I love my Demon Hunter. I got to level 60 on her and quit playing, though I really would like to get back into that game at some point and buy the new expansion pack for it.

Besides these, I’ve also played WildStar. I participated in the beta, and quite enjoyed it, but was relegated to using my husband’s desktop, since my Macbook didn’t meet the basic requirements. While I do own a license key for this game, I don’t currently play, because I don’t like being tied down to a chair at a desk for gaming. I loved WildStar, and I’m hoping sometime in the near future I’ll be able to play again on a laptop, but at this time, that’s not really an option.

I should also note that I participated in the recent beta for Elder Scrolls Online. I hated it. There’s not much more to say beyond that. I think the game just really sucked! I’m not an Elder Scrolls fan, I guess.

If you’d like to add my BattleTag, shoot an invitation to nymph#1211, but please include a message, so I know you’re not just some spambot trying to hack me (because I decline friend invitations I don’t recognize.)

If you’d love to keep up on my life and thoughts outside of World of Warcraft and gaming, you should check out my general blog, Apparently Anna Has Some Explaining to do. I think you’ll enjoy reading it.



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