The Raiding Life

This past Saturday, I managed to miss the raid I really wanted to go to by a few hours because of time zone differences. I hate this! I was looking forward to this raid, and when I logged in and saw that the group was already in Highmaul, I realized I had missed it and wasn’t going to make it.

I thoroughly enjoy raiding cross-realm with my friend and his guild. He’s one of the guys who was a part of the cross-realm raid group I was a part of at the end of MoP, before I took my couple-month-long break, and he’s the type of person who can raid lead and yet make the experience drama and tension free while still managing to push the group and get things accomplished. This is the sort of atmosphere I look for in a raid group. It’s the sort of atmosphere I thrive and do my best in.

I’ve found that I just plain suck in harder-core groups. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of their members are elitists and unwilling to let me bash my head against a mechanic until I get it, or maybe it’s that when I raid with them, I’m scared to admit I don’t understand something for fear of being judged as “that” chick that “should stick to LFR and leave raiding to the men.” I’ve had so many bad experiences in raid groups that, while I’m eager to raid every week, it is hard for me to find a solid group that I click well with and that clicks with me.

I know that I know my class. I’ve had people tell me I don’t. But, if I can take someone who paid $60 for a boosted toon and finished the leveling off and knows absolutely nothing about Shadow Priests and sit down with them for 30 minutes, and they can do DPS that is comparable to mine, which ISN’T shitty, then I know I know what I’m doing. It’s not so much that I don’t know my class as this new CoP talent, which seemed almost mandatory for raiding, is such a change from everything I know and understand about Shadow Priests, that I just can’t pump out the numbers with it that I could with Auspicious Spirits.

A couple of Sundays ago, I had popped online, and everyone in my guild was discussing different sites to help each other out with their classes and gear, and I, like any good player, asked if anyone needed help with Shadow Priests. The raid leader whispered me, after I said that in guild chat, and let me know that there was another priest in guild who had only pulled 6k DPS in their latest raid run, even though his gear was ilvl 646, and he wanted me to talk to him. So, I got ahold of this priest in question, told him to ditch CoP, because I didn’t even need to ask if that is what he was doing, and stack the living shit out of crit on all of his gear, gems, and enchants. Then, we ran a couple LFRs, and his numbers almost magically came up to 15k, where mine were. Now, some elitists out there are going to harp that 15k isn’t great, but trust me, for an Spriest running AS at ilvl 646, 15k is about average. If you can get all of your DoT clips perfect, which I can’t, and everything else timed right, yes, it will be more, but for someone who is looking to pull their weight, not earn a spot in Method, 15k at this item level is awesome.

This is a main reason I left the original guild I joined when I transferred servers. I got tired of doing my daily stuff and reading in guild chat where people were ragging on others in LFR for “shitty DPS” or heals. I got tired of trying to approach someone about an issue I was having, and have them say, “Sounds like a personal problem.” I got tired of feeling like people thought I was shit when I knew I wasn’t. I got tired of getting so stressed out during raids that I’d have a panic attack and start doing everything wrong, missing important mechanics, and standing in stupid. I can’t play like that. I can’t raid with people I feel are judging me too harshly. It pisses me off.

So, I’m 6/7 N in Highmaul and considering pugging into a Heroic run or two to see if I can clear at least the first two bosses. I know that they’re easy as shit, so it shouldn’t be a big problem, if I find the right group to get into.


Level 100

I finally have my second priest to level 100. I sat down yesterday and decided I wasn’t going to stop until I’d reached level 100 on her, and I did just that.

After leveling a few characters, it get’s insanely easy to level subsequent toons. I’ve noticed this over the last few expansions. The first toon is always the hardest to level, because you don’t have any idea what is where or, as in this expack’s case, which choice is the right one (for the garrison outposts,) but by the time you’ve made it to your 3rd or 4th toon, you have a pretty good idea what you’d like to do, which quest lines you want to follow to completion and which ones you don’t, what zone you’d like to spend most of your time questing in, etc.

Now that my baby priest is level 100, I just need to make some more gold so I can upgrade all of the buildings in her garrison. I want to get her tailoring emporium to level 3, since she’s not a tailor, so I can craft a piece of 640 gear. I’ve got the cloth, I just need the ability to craft it. I’d also like to upgrade my bank building to level 3 so I can unlock the extra work orders it gives me.  Then, I’m going to level up my barn so I can start pumping out the Savage Bloods and Sumptuous Furs on that toon, as well.

When I leveled my first toon, I didn’t have any of this figured out!

I’ve been casually raiding Highmaul with friends and their guilds, and I’d like to take this opportunity to cry about how much Blizzard has screwed over my Shadow Priests. I gave CoP an honest try, and to tell you the truth, it sucks so hard.

Granted, there are players out there who are probably loving CoP and think it is the best thing since peanut butter, but I like the “normal” play style of SPriests, and CoP just turns it all on its head. I ran one raid night as CoP before changing to Auspicious Spirits, and I’m never going back to CoP.

I can do better DPS in AS that CoP simply because I don’t keep getting lost in the big, convoluted rotation that CoP requires. I’m so used to applying and refreshing my DoTs, and with CoP and the mandatory Mind Spikes instead of Mind Flays, I kept finding myself applying DoTs and then immediately removing them with my very next spell. Not only did it just waste my time and DPS, but it pissed me off, because I kept doing that. So, I’m specced for AS and am quite happy with it, now.


Hellscream’s War Staff!

Guess who finally got her legendary heroic BoA staff from Garrosh? ME! I’d have gotten it sooner if I’d realized that Garrosh only drops War Maces for priests, but, alas, I didn’t think the devs were that idiotic, so I had taken both of my priests through, only to come out with 2 War Maces and an extreme fit of anger.

Hellscream's War Staff

So, there’s my nice, shiny BoA in all its glory! I was tickled as hell to get it! I just wish I had a couple, because bouncing that around, between all of my ranged characters is going to be kind of expensive, with all of the re-gemming I’ll have to do. But, then again, I could just leave the gems the way they are. Haste/mastery gems aren’t really that bad of an idea for a priest! It’s not like I gemmed agility onto that staff, and since I’ll only be using it to level, once I get to 100, I will most likely replace it with something a lot better.

#Gamergate What?

How is it that I’m just now finding out about this controversy? According to Wikipedia, it’s been going on for a few months, and I find it rather sickening to read about. Today, I came across this article in the Guardian about Felicia Day being doxxed shortly after speaking out about it. As a gamer, I have already acknowledged the rampant sexism in the gaming community. At the time I wrote that piece, I had no idea that #GamerGate was a thing. I was just speaking from my heart about an issue that I myself know all too well.

At the heart of it all, the people behind #GamerGate are misogynistic assholes who feed on sexism and degrading women. When called out on it, they bleat and cry like a bunch of wounded cattle with not a leg to stand on. They run to their Microsoft Word and Excel and Photoshop, trying to outdo each other with charts and graphs; they post videos and long-winded tirades about notable female gamers who they feel aren’t as special as male gamers are. All of these sexist, misogynistic pricks claim that this whole movement is about journalistic ethics, but it all boils down to shutting down female gamers who speak up about rampant sexism and unfairness in this industry.

It makes me sick. I love gaming. I love the gaming community. I love my fellow gamers, both male and female alike. While I have experienced sexism and misogyny in my games, as a whole, this community is still pretty fucking fantastic, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the regular people in the world. To think we are being split in two by a stupid, asinine “cause” that isn’t what they say it is, is really mind-blowing.

Most people can at least admit they’ve witnessed sexism while gaming, even if they won’t say they’ve participated in it. It’s a known problem in the industry, and it’s one that unfairly targets and belittles a large (and growing) swath of that community’s population. I’m the type of person that always wants to better myself, and I don’t understand people who are just fine with the status quo when it hurts and damages others. I can’t wrap my head around that laissez faire attitude.

I’ve dug through YouTube as much as I can stand, and as far as I can tell, there are almost no videos by women speaking out about #GamerGate, but rather mostly angry, hateful men posting rants about it.

I can’t stand it. I’m about fed up with this whole clusterfuck. Seriously.

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A Change in the Air

I decided to try my hand at the Alliance. I haven’t played Alliance since my early days in World of Warcraft, and I figured, since most of the races have gotten a facelift, and they don’t look quite so ugly anymore, I’d roll a couple and see if I could max them out.

After asking around, I decided to make a Dwarf Warlock, because they apparently have a really good critical strike racial, and anything that gives you a leg up on the competition, I’ll take! You know I like slutty, so I went Draenei for my Shadow Priest. I’m thinking about also rolling a mage, but since I know next to nothing about that class, I wanted to go strong with the classes I knew and understood first, since that would make it easier to level. I’m also not sure I’m quite ready to take on learning an entirely new class again.

So, I now have a couple of Alliance characters. I’m not set on them, though. I’m considering wiping them out and changing servers, because I’m trying to find a good Alliance-dominated Pacific time zone server to go with, but being unfamiliar with the Alliance quest lines, leveling them a bit can’t hurt that much.

I’ll probably still play heavily Horde. My heart will always be Horde. That’s not to say I won’t love my Alliance toons, but Horde will always hold that special place for me.

Seriously, Blizzard?!

I hate the new lockout system for mythic and heroic raiding. And by hate, I mean, I wish I could take these lockout requirements, figure out which Blizzard developer dreamed them up, and shove them up his/her ass!

What made them think that locking your lockout to the specific group you walked into the raid with was a good idea? What if, for instance, you pug into a fail group on Iron Juggernaut, can’t kill him after fifteen wipes, and have to walk away? Now, because you simply entered the instance with these numbskulls, you’re stuck with this lockout until reset. The only way to progress would be to find 20 different players who haven’t entered the raid on mythic and hope that it works with them. If it doesn’t, they’re screwed as well, because now they have that same fail lockout as you do, and have to either find 20 new players themselves, reform with your fail group, or wait until reset to go back and try again.

Saturday night, I pugged into a heroic group that was on the Paragons. It took two tries, but we downed them. It didn’t seem particularly bad, since it was a pug group, after all! When we got to Garrosh, we wiped, and wiped again. We rezzed the second time, and had just started the fight when all of us got booted out to the character select screen. We got back in with a collective “WTF was that?!” only to discover that it wanted us to kill ALL of the bosses for the final wing again. It was as if it hadn’t saved any of the progress for this group for that wing at all. We were back at the beginning again.

Blizzard needs to fix everything they’ve broken with this new patch, and they only have one month to do it in, and knowing the pace they work at, I’m not very confident it will get rectified before Draenor opens and we’re faced with a whole new set of issues. I’m just a little upset. These lockouts are making it extremely difficult to run Siege of Orgrimmar as a pug.

On top of that, apparently the developers decided that for priests, the auto-drop BoA weapon from Garrosh should be the freakin’ Warmace. More specifically, a one-handed freakin’ warmace that most priests can’t use because we don’t have an off-hand to complement it. I was not aware this would be the auto-drop for my priests, so I took my “baby” Shadow Priest into a guild Garrosh kill, expecting to get the BoA staff. I was more than ticked to get a second Warmace. Now, I need to wait until next week to run with them on my warlock for the staff. If I had known, to start with, that priests don’t receive the staff, I’d have walked in there with my warlock instead. So, screw you Blizzard, with your retarded one-handed stupid mace!

Sorry… I just needed to vent a little.

Inequality in the Gaming World SUCKS!

“Girl means ‘guy in real life.'” “Are you really a chick?” “I didn’t think girls could game!” “You can’t play ___ (insert name of game here) because you’re female.” “Oh, you’re a girl? Will you be my WoW-girlfriend?” “I’ll run you through that instance if you’ll give me a blow job/have sex with me/give me a lap dance/etc.” “Girls make terrible guild masters!” “Girls are only good as DPS or healers, so why do you want to tank?”

This sucks so hard! I’m sure all of the women who play video games will agree with me, here. In fact, a lot of women I know roll male characters in MMOs just to avoid being harassed by horny, sexist men. A lot of insults in the gaming community are sexist in nature, even if they are leveled against other male players.

Sexism erodes the gaming experience for everyone. Just because a woman lacks the plumbing a man has does not mean she’s incapable of playing up to par with her male counterparts. Also, why do most video games have to be marketed to the male audience exclusively? Why do the mechanics and visuals of the games need to cater to a male-centered audience. Just because men play the game does not mean it has to revolve around their gender.

Take the leaders in World of Warcraft, for instance. How many of them are female? Think about it. Even in our little virtual world, the fight is led by “real men,” and the women are seen as weak and faulty because of their emotions or lack of sheer strength. The Horde’s warchief is male and Stormwind has a king, not a queen. This sets the game up to be sexist in nature, because even in our virtual world, women are seen as the weaker sex.

I wish that the developers of these games saw how sexist their creations are. If you don’t want that sort of bullying in your gaming community, perhaps you shouldn’t create the game to be sexist in the first place. I’m not saying I don’t love these games, just because of this, but it makes it less fun to play at times.

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