The Stats!

Wow! When Blizzard took away reforging, a lot changed with how we optimize our characters. As in, it went back to the way it was in Wrath of the Lich King, when you didn’t get to screw with the stats and change them all around. In a way, I like this, but at the same time, now that I’m so used to having to reforge my gear, it feels so wrong to put a piece of new gear on and not run up to the reforger guy automatically.

With the death of reforging, I’m also finding that I have to replace almost every single gem in my gear. This is getting expensive! Jewelcrafters, take note! You can make a fortune playing the Auction House right now! So, grab your ore, get to prospecting, and pump out some shiny new cut gems, because they’re in very high demand.

Another thing we’ve found with this patch is that Motes of Harmony and Spirits of Harmony are no longer spellbound. So, I’ll be farming these babies on my little plot down in Halfhill and selling them like hotcakes! Everyone in trade on my server is asking/offering minimum 40 gold per Spirit, so you can make a little extra dough this way.

As far as my favorite toons go, the only thing I was sad to see taken away was my Warlock’s Curse of Elements. I’m so used to having my curse and putting it on and re-applying it every fight, and it seems so unnatural to no longer have it. I wish they’d give it back. As far as Shadow Priests go, thankfully, Blizzard has left us pretty much alone. I wish they’d beef us up a little, but I’ll take being ignored over being nerfed, the way Hunters have been.

How has your experience with the new patch been?


My Transmogs (Part 1)

I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorite transmogs for my various characters. I am one of those girls who likes her toons to look super-slutty, so I take extra time to find the best and most revealing outfits for them. Well, for most of them, anyway. I don’t dress my Priest as a slut, because Pandas just look weird in those trashy dresses!

GoblinGlitterThis was my Shadow Priest way back at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria, before I turned her into a Panda. Goblins don’t make good sluts, either!


This is my second Shadow Priest. Yes, I have two. I put her in the slutty Warlock outfit, and I love it!

SongriaORIGINALThis was the first set of transmog gear I had for my Death Knight, while I was still collecting all of the pieces for the Jade Plate set.

GlitterPandaThis is my Panda Shadow Priest’s current transmog set. I like it because it is simple and clean, and it looks amazing in Shadowform and out.

WarlockTransmogThis is my Destro Lock’s current transmog set. Like I said, the sluttier, the better!

I’ll add another post later with more of my characters’ transmog sets. I’ve got a ton!

I’m Patching! Yay, Iron Horde!

Patch 6.0.2 goes live today. I’m currently installing the patch, and I’m very excited about having at the new instance in Blasted Lands. This could take a while, though. It’s telling me it has to “optimize” all of my files before it installs the new content.

Anyway, like I mentioned, this new patch includes access to the new instance, Upper Blackrock Spire, and the Iron Horde in Blasted Lands. It also includes the completely revamped character models for Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Taurens, Trolls, Undead, and Draenei. I’m just curious when they’re planning to release the new character models for Blood Elves. I know they’ve been delayed, but there’s still no date, that I’ve seen, for their release. Joystiq has an article explaining the delay.

Group Finder (I believe this is the thing that was listed as “Raids” on a tab when you open your character sheet, or press C) has been consolidated with Looking for Dungeons/Raids and Player vs. Player, instead of having a separate sign-up area. I think this is an interesting and optimizing change, because I, personally, knew quite a few people who didn’t understand how to access Group Finder.

They’ve also taken the Quest Log and combined it with the map, so now it looks like you’ll access both your quest log and map all through pressing M. They’ve also taken some quest items out of inventory, so if you want to keep track of how many you’ve collected, you’ll do so through Quest Tracker, instead of just looking in your bags. I like this idea, because it frees up valuable bag space!

As far as items in your inventory go, they’ve added a colored border to everything now, to denote the quality of the item. This will make it easier to find trash or your important items. Along with adding borders, they’ve also increased the stack size on trade skill items, from 20 to 200, so you’ll be able to fit more in less space. I, personally, am a pack rat, and will hold onto EVERYTHING, so this makes me happy! I won’t have bank tabs filled with 20-stacks of the same quality leather or ore anymore!

The Toy Box is now available! Yay! I’m so excited about this one! All your little nick nacks can now be stored out of your bags, in a nifty little “toy box,” much the same way they took mounts and pets out of your bags a few expansions ago. Yay for more free bag space, but still the ability to summon my “sexy clam” and Sky Mirror!

They’ve also added the ability to sort your bags based on what you’d like to carry in each bag, and a sweet little “Clean Up” function that will move all your free space to one bag and sort the rest of your items based on which bag you have them assigned to. I think this will remove the need for Bagnon to sort and organize your bags for you, as the game does it without the need for an add-on.

As far as the bank goes, they’ve added a new Reagent tab to your personal bank, allowing you to store reagents there and, according to the patch notes, “Characters can now craft using the materials stored in both their reagent bank and Bank from anywhere.” I haven’t worked out exactly what this means; I’m not sure if you’ll need to visit a banker, still, to access your reagents stored there, or what it means. You’ll still need to visit a bank to unlock your Reagent tab.

They also added another tab for Void Storage, effectively doubling the amount of Void Storage space each character has. I love this! It means I can now hold onto MORE transmog sets; in fact, I can hold on to TWICE as many!

The new, redesigned raid structure is finally here! I hope your guild is ready for Mythic raiding, because it is upon us! You’ll no longer be able to queue into Flex (now, the new normal) via LFR any longer, but that’s okay, because you won’t need to. Each difficulty has it’s own lockout, now. None of that, “I’m locked out on normal because I did that with my friend on heroic the other day.” Hooray! The new raid sizes are also live, now.

If you purchase a level 90 character boost from here on out, your character will now start up in the Blasted Lands, instead of that funky little training zone they had created for the boosteds. So, if you want, you can go straight into slaughtering Iron Horde, and forget all about Pandaria. I’m just curious if they’ll also increase the item level on the boosted characters’ gear once Warlords launches, as it is my opinion that 483 will just make you mincemeat for the first mob you pick a fight with.

The stat squish has also happened with this patch. Being the final patch before the new expansion, that was bound to happen! They’ve also changed some of the stats on various classes, but I’m not going to take the time to go into detail on all of them, as I only really care about the stats for my Shadow Priest and my Destro Warlock. Look it up, if you’re curious!

They’ve also made a number of changes to the world environment, such as tweaking the starting area quests and tutorials, removing the requirement of having the Legendary Cloak to access the Ordon Sanctuary on Timeless Isle, and completely removing the Trove of the Thunder King solo instance and associated keys.

To read the full patch notes, starting at the very beginning, please visit this link.

Have fun, and welcome to the pre-patch!

One Month Countdown!

Warlord of Draenor will launch in exactly one month from today, on November 13, 2014. In anticipation of this new expansion and the frenzy that will ensue, I’ve collated a few videos I think will help you make the most of the final month of Mists of Pandaria and help you launch yourself into the new expansion on the right foot. Hopefully, you’ve been doing some of this, already!



2.) Understand Garrisons

3.) Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

4.) Don’t Forget the Pre-Xpack EVENT

5.) Understand the New Level 100 Talents

6.) Choose Your Raid Class

So, get busy getting ready for the new expansion, if you haven’t already. Your time is short, now. There’s one month left, so use your time wisely.